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Iftar Campaign: Lebanon

By July 7, 2018Press Release

Ramadhan Relief 2018: LEBANON

Ramadhan 2018 has been an extremely busy Ramadan as it is every year. This month our volunteers have made a trip to Lebanon for our Ifthar campaign. From the 15th fast till the 20th fast, our dedicated volunteers have been living amongst those most-needy, our poor brothers and sisters many of them have barely enough to eat to sustain their lives and often scrape by on one miniscule meal a day. Our amazing volunteers are providing drastically needed and life-sustaining bread to young children, many of whom are orphans, broken families, the weak and the elderly, during this most significant month for Muslims. This has been an enormous, success for TaskForce GLM to use all your donations to deliver flour in its best form- bread. This bread is easily stored, easily delivered and aids in remaining edible for long hours. Alhamdulillah and remember placing your hands to donate, in Lebanon it is enabling our volunteers to use their hands, to place the bread in our Brothers and Sisters.


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