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Who handles YOUR money?

By July 11, 2018Press Release

TaskForce GLM strictly adheres to a 100% charity policy. Every one of the exceptional individuals working with us are volunteers, taking time from their own busy working and personal schedules to give back to the community as much as they are able. Our exemplary volunteers work tirelessly with the fundraising in addition to the actual delivery of all donations. This is solely to ensure your grateful and welcome donations are delivered appropriately and more importantly, to those who need it most.

TaskForce GLM volunteers are individuals from corporate backgrounds, working cohesively with amazing synergy to ensure your donations are delivered in the best and most efficient way possible. These amazing volunteers work around the clock to ensure all queries are answered. Working alongside the masjid generates an enormous amount of positivity, as staff at the masjid are always aware of the events and functions in place and this ensures confidence and ability. Website, fundraising events, in fact everything is organised and managed by every volunteer member to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively.


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