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Task Force GLM launch World in Crisis Campaign

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Task Force GLM today launch their pre-Ramadan World in Crisis Appeal. With the world desperately in need, we have launched multiple projects across the world in aid of our brother and sisters in humanity.

The regions which we have highlighted as desperately in need during 2019 are Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. We will of course continue our efforts across the Palestinian Territories, Africa and Asia.

To donate to the World in Crisis campaign, view our current projects.

Success Story

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Rayhana is an eight year old young Syrian girl whom, we have been supporting for a couple years now; through out the process of her medical treatment.

During an airstrike by the Syrian regime, her house had been struck by a missile. She had been left with extremely serious injuries to her arm and leg.

We had first met her Rayhana at the Syrian border; where we promised to support her financially in order to get her mobility back.

With the permission of Allah, she is now walking for the first time in two years. She has had her smart limbs fitted successfully and is mobile.

We would like to thank all our donors who made this possible with their prayers and donations. It is success stories like Rayhana’s that keep the TaskForce team motivated and continue to work hard to help many others like Rayhana.

Who handles YOUR money?

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TaskForce GLM strictly adheres to a 100% charity policy. Every one of the exceptional individuals working with us are volunteers, taking time from their own busy working and personal schedules to give back to the community as much as they are able. Our exemplary volunteers work tirelessly with the fundraising in addition to the actual delivery of all donations. This is solely to ensure your grateful and welcome donations are delivered appropriately and more importantly, to those who need it most.

TaskForce GLM volunteers are individuals from corporate backgrounds, working cohesively with amazing synergy to ensure your donations are delivered in the best and most efficient way possible. These amazing volunteers work around the clock to ensure all queries are answered. Working alongside the masjid generates an enormous amount of positivity, as staff at the masjid are always aware of the events and functions in place and this ensures confidence and ability. Website, fundraising events, in fact everything is organised and managed by every volunteer member to ensure everything runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Iftar Campaign: Lebanon

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Ramadhan Relief 2018: LEBANON

Ramadhan 2018 has been an extremely busy Ramadan as it is every year. This month our volunteers have made a trip to Lebanon for our Ifthar campaign. From the 15th fast till the 20th fast, our dedicated volunteers have been living amongst those most-needy, our poor brothers and sisters many of them have barely enough to eat to sustain their lives and often scrape by on one miniscule meal a day. Our amazing volunteers are providing drastically needed and life-sustaining bread to young children, many of whom are orphans, broken families, the weak and the elderly, during this most significant month for Muslims. This has been an enormous, success for TaskForce GLM to use all your donations to deliver flour in its best form- bread. This bread is easily stored, easily delivered and aids in remaining edible for long hours. Alhamdulillah and remember placing your hands to donate, in Lebanon it is enabling our volunteers to use their hands, to place the bread in our Brothers and Sisters.