Afghanistan in crisis!

In the recent month 10,000 new internally displaced people have arrived in Kabul, bringing families and whatever belongings they can carry.

There is a massive and urgent need to provide temporary housing and food for these displaced, not to mention clean water and protection in case a COVID surge takes place.

In these moments of panic, the small children become ghosts and ignored. The larger children become scavengers, forced to look for scraps and beg. The old are just left in corners.

In the picture, a little girl takes the role of her mother to comfort her sibling.

These are the casualties who have no part to play in politics but want to be left alone to survive.

Help us to provide food, clean water and shelter for them.

Afghanistan is in need…


Product Description

The people of Afghanistan are resilient and, with the support of donors like you, families in need there can still access essential humanitarian support and opportunities to break the chains of poverty for themselves insha’Allah.

Our Focus:

  • Distribution of food packages to the displaced households.
  • Distribution of standard non food item kits ( blankets, mats, solar lamp etc)
  • Distribution of emergency shelters to the internally displaced households
  • Distribution of hygiene kits to the households.

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