Rebuilding a Nation: Pakistan Floods Aftermath

The situation for the people of Pakistan is critical. The floods have not receded and Winter is coming. The UN have put out an urgent cry for help and there is a real need for action.

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Pakistan usually has a Monsoon season from July through to September with an average rainfall of 8 inches. This year, the rains brought over 300% more water which caused rivers to swell, flash flooding and landslides all over the country. An area the size of Britain is underwater and the floods were described as ‘apocalyptic’.

Entire farmlands have been converted to ‘seas of water’


Human Cost

  • 33 million people affected
  • 7.9 million people internally displaced
  • Over 1600 people killed and 12,800 people injured
    • One-third of all recorded deaths and injuries are children
  • 2000 women a day give birth in flood relief camps (610,000 expectant mothers in relief areas)


  • More than 2 million homes affected (767,000 houses destroyed and nearly 1.3 million houses damaged )
  • around 4163 Miles of road damaged ( the length of the amazon river)
  • 269 bridges destroyed
  • 1460 health facilities were damaged or destroyed
  • 18,590 schools damaged


  • More than 1.1 million livestock have reportedly been killed
  • 9.4 million acres of cropland were ruined

The ask

Your donations so far have enabled us to distribute cash grants, food packs, tents, kitchen sets and hygiene kits.

The water-logging of the lands is expected to bring on a colder winter than usual. Mid November is when the temperatures will drop and drastic efforts are underway to get housing and long term shelter ready.The northern areas are expecting snowfall and due to the damaged roads and infrastructure, the task is more complicated.

The urgency is to get solid shelters funded and built before then.

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Permanent Shelter (£2000), 3 Temporary Shelter (£450), 1 Temporary Shelter (£150), Any Amount


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