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What better time to pay your Zakat than now, and which better organisation than one operated entirely by the Masjid congregation of Green Lane Mosque. Every penny of your Zakat is used to help feed, house and shelter our brothers and sisters in need, across the Muslim world.

The world is in crisis, and with your single Zakat donation, we will distribute your funds effectively across various campaigns including:

1. You will help to build a timber house inĀ  Myanmar for the Rohinghya Muslims.
2. You will provide food for Syrian Refugees including bread and provisions.
3. You will help provide emergency aid in Yemen.

  • 100% donation promise for Syria and Yemen
  • Low 7% administration fee for other projects (to cover project costs only)
  • All Task Force team members are unpaid volunteers
  • All projects overseen by the Masjid
  • Regular updates posted online

Please donate generously, with confidence that your donation is effectively implemented across Yemen, Syria , Myanmar, and other countries in crisis.


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