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The Syria Bread Project

With millions of Syrians suffering from the civilian war on a regular basis; some of whom have family dependant on them, with no where to live, no homes, no clothes and most importantly no food. Bread has been the most demanded to survive on. £300 enables us to buy flour enough to feed 6000 people.
Our biggest bread project was in 2017 when TaskForce GLM had raised £1.4m and secured the lowest prices on flour; all of which was delivered personally by our founder and volunteers to ensure donations and flour were delivered to accordingly and to the most needed areas. We go into the very needed areas; where there are many who are vulnerable and in desperate need.

2000 Tonnes in Aleppo


5000 Tonnes into Idlib


100% used on flour

TaskForce GLM has been able to initiate a project to advocate safe places for the children to reside in. We ensure everything donated is used on the Orphans. We strongly believe in 100% donation and work hard to maintain this.
£300 provides a safe home for a period of one year for a child. Young children need to be protected and nurtured as they are our future. TaskForce GLM aims to reach above and beyond to complete the task in the best and most appropriate way possible.
TaskForce GLM supports Orphans who are living at home. £300 will provide food, security, clothes and safety for one whole year for one orphan.
TaskForce GLM

House a Syrian orphan project: How is the war affecting children?

Thousands of children have been orphaned as a result of the war. Some have younger siblings as dependants; some alone. Children are suffering in numerous ways as a direct result of the war. According to the UNICEF report 2017; 2 million children are out of school. One-third of schools are out of use as a result of the war.

Disease and malnutrition is most common in war torn areas. Children are at risk of diarrhoea diseases like cholera as a result of poor sanitation. During winter, there is a increased risk of pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

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