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Over seven years of unrest and fighting have created the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern history of the Middle East. 

With over 450,000 dead and tens of thousands missing, the violence and bloodshed has affected every single Syrian in one way or another.

Over 13.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes in fear, leaving everything behind – 6.6 million remain within Syria, living in dire conditions, while 4.8 million have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, placing a huge strain on their resources.

Syrian Crisis

The Syrian crisis has led to an increasingly difficult humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. Over the past 5 years up to 1.1 million (2016 estimates) Syrian refugees have taken Lebanon as their home. The inadequate funding and support for these refugees is of major concern.  

There are enormous immediate humanitarian needs for food security, shelter, water and sanitation supplies and medical care. In addition, due to the long-stay of the Syrian refugees there is a need for future development projects such for livelihoods, education, micro-finance and psychosocial support.

The facts.

1,033,513 Syrian refugees have fled their homes over 5 years. These refugees are settling among different Lebanese regions:

  • North Lebanon – 118,761 Syrian refugees
  • Bekaa Region – 363, 417 Syrian refugees
  • South Lebanon – 252,450 Syrian refugees
  • Beirut – 298,885 Syrian refugees